Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Reality Bites

OK Y'all,
So I was reading this article the other day about what makes men and women 'undateable.' It had your standard answers of, 'too much baggage,' 'bad kisser,'etc. It also had one choad who said, 'a woman who farts in her sleep.' Wow. First of all, this ass clown doesn't have the sense to realize that women don't actually KNOW that they fart in their sleep. We have no control over bodily functions when we are REM-ing it up, so I place the onus squarely on the other party when it comes to taking responsibility for dealing with odoriforous emanations during slumber. Anyhoosle, this article got me thinking about my own situation and what qualities I have that make me dateable or undateable. I chose to focus on the positive, so I compiled a list of the traits I possess that I think make me a swell gal and the traits that I felt men took into consideration. I call them :
Things I Think Make Me Dateable

1. Quick witted sense of humor that is very rarely offended
2. Ability to cook and bake
3. Awesome trivia skills
4. Good skin, hair, teeth, and overall health
5. Enjoyment of a variety of activities that guys partake in, like hiking, sports, and chicken wing eating contests
6. Physically low maintenance so it doesnt take 10 years to get ready

Things That Men Think Make Me Dateable
1. Big Tits.
That's pretty much it. If I'm wrong, please tell me in the comments, but I doubt it. Happy dating!